SEIT is an indoor sitting bench. The four parts, the bench consist of fit a flatpack which makes it easy to ship andtransport it anywhere. SEIT can easily and fast be assembled and disassembled without any screws or tools.

SEIT ash

kr 4.099,00Price
    W 122cm x D 39,5cm x H 45cm

    Solid ash with a white pigmented oil finish


    The surface of the furniture has got a white pigmented oil finish which is easy to maintain. We recommend to add a new layer of oil from time to time in order to keep the surface protected. You can use a white, liquid furniture soap which is available in most bigger hardware stores.
    Follow the product instructions when you add a new layer. It is important to always treat the whole bench in order to avoid that the wood starts to twist itself. Make sure that you do not add oil into the joints.  

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